Guidance, factsheets and science reports

UKCP guides and documentation

Demonstration projects

Find out how different sectors are using UKCP18 and climate projections.

Sector specialists describe how you can use the UKCP18 with existing methods and risk assessments. They also consider new methods that make the most of using the UKCP18 dataset.

UKCP18 demonstration projects — explore all of our demonstration projects and see how you can use UKCP18 datasets

UKCP18 data availability, access and formats

Find out what data is available for download and how you can access it.

UKCP18 factsheets and key results

We produce a series of short documents, which summarise the key results for a number of UKCP18 variables and metrics. 

UKCP Products

Climate Metrics

Climate Indices


What are Representative Concentration Pathways?

Find out more about what Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) are and how we use them in climate projections.

Caveats and limitations

Everything you need to be aware of when using UKCP18 datasets, including caveats, limitations and how to use the data.

A technical note and FAQ document relating to the UKCP Updates news announcement on 24 September 2020 can be found here:

How to use the different sets of Land Projections

There are three sets of projections available over UK land: probabilistic, global and regional.

This guidance document helps users choose the set of projections that meets their needs.

How to bias correct UKCP18 data

The choice of whether to bias correct data and the method chosen can be very specific to the user application. For this reason, UKCP18 projections are presented without additional bias correction.

This guide helps users to make informed choices about bias correction.

Science reports

Science overview

This document shows the highlights from each of the components of UKCP18. This includes observations, projections over land and marine projections.

Science reports

Our science reports provide headline messages, descriptions of the methods used, an evaluation of the underlying models and future projections.


Technical notes

A series of technical notes clarifying particular questions and issues about UKCP18.

This note covers characteristics of the probabilistic projections data, such as clipping at extreme ends of the distributions and non-zero sum of anomalies during the baseline period.

This note provides more detail about the perturbed parameter set of global projections.