An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Climate monitoring and attribution scientists

  • Nick Rayner

    Nick leads the Climate Monitoring and Attribution team. She is an expert in the development of observed climate data sets.

  • Dr Peter Stott

    Peter is a Science Fellow in the attribution of climate change to anthropogenic and natural causes.

  • Dr Chris Atkinson

Chris works on the development of observational surface and subsurface marine datasets.

  • Dr Lizzie Good

    Lizzie leads part of the Climate Monitoring and Attribution group, developing in situ climate data since the Industrial Revolution and remotely-sensed data for the satellite era.

  • Dr Robert Dunn

    Robert is developing datasets in order to study climate extremes.

  • Dan Hollis

    Dan works in the National Climate Information Centre (NCIC) where he is responsible for developing and applying climatological data analysis and presentation techniques.

Debbie leads research on the analysis of links between climate and vegetation

Neil specialises in creating bespoke visualisations and interactive web tools for climate science

  • Dr Fraser Lott

    Fraser works on the detection and attribution of climate change, particularly of climate-related events.

  • Dr Gareth S Jones

    Gareth's main research activity is in the detection of past climate change and the attribution of possible causes.

  • Colin Morice

    Colin works on the development of observational near-surface temperature datasets.

  • Mike Kendon

    Mike is a climate information scientist within the National Climate Information Centre (NCIC). Mike produces, analyses and presents information about the UK climate.

  • Dr Mark McCarthy

    Mark is science manager of the climate attribution team.

  • Holly Titchner

    Holly develops observations of sea ice concentration for use in climate research.

  • Dr Kate Willett

    Kate works on climate change in the recent past with a focus on surface humidity.

  • Dr Amy Doherty

Amy is Science Manager of the National Climate Information Centre (NCIC), providing monitoring and analysis of UK climate variability and change.

Emily is a climate scientist in the National Climate Information Centre (NCIC).