The Earth globe viewed from space and showing land masses in different colours according to temperature, from blue to red.

Climate impacts

The Climate Impacts Modelling (CIM) group are a team of scientists who work with and develop integrated models for assessing climate change impacts. The team focuses on climate change and agriculture, water resources and health. We are part of the Earth System Science.

The Climate Impacts Modelling team aims to :

  • Apply and develop the JULES model as a flexible integrated impacts model for agriculture and water
  • This will help build regional, global, multi-timescale earth system models which include robust key impacts

Our key activities are:

  • Integrated modelling of agriculture-water-climate systems: Can we develop tools which better represent climate impacts in changing earth systems?
  • Assessing future climate impacts: Can these tools be applied to provide more robust advice for climate adaptation and mitigation?

Our team members are:

Some of our current projects include: