L5 Consortium Meeting Speaker presentations

11 May 2015 - Day 1

Nat Gopalswamy: Global recap and history of L5

Tom Berger: Setting the Operational Context for L5

Juha-Pekka Luntama: L5 mission from the perspective of the ESA SSA

Ewan Haggarty: Satellite Operators Perspective and Requirements

Andrew Richards: National Grid Perspective and Requirements

12 May 2015 - Day 2 AM

Mark Gibbs: The UK Operational Need

Tom Berger: The USA Operational Need

Nat Gopalswamy: EASCO Overview – A Science Mission to L5

Jackie Davies: The INSTANT Mission

Markos Trichas: Carrington L5: The UK/US Operational Space Weather Mission

Russell Howard: An Operational L5 Mission

Clive Dyer: High Energy Radiation Impacts on Ground Level, Aircraft and Space Electronics and the need for an L5 measurement package

Mike Hapgood: What are we trying to forecast? - getting the right science into the impact of an L5 mission

12 May 2015 - Day 2 PM 

Jesper Schou: Helioseismology and Thoughts About a Magnetic and Doppler Imager Instrument

Sarah Edwards: Effects of L5 magnetic field measurements on the global coronal magnetic topology

Mario Bisi: Heliospheric Remote-Sensing Observations and Modelling: An Outlook to a Long-Standing View from L5

Richard Harrison: L5 – What have we learnt from the STEREO Heliospheric Imagers?

Tim Howard: Heliospheric Imaging at L5

James Tappin: On the Importance of Polarisation in Heliospheric Imagers

Alan Title: Solar Flare Clustering and the Global Magnetic Field

13 May 2015 - Day 3 AM

Jonathan Eastwood: Magnetic field measurements at the L5 Lagrange point

Duncan Mackay: L5 Mission: Improving the Predictive Capability of Local and Global Magnetic Field Models

Andrew Fazakerley: What can we learn from solar wind observations at L5?

Francois Bocquet: Improvements to CME arrival prediction using L5 data

Dhiren Kataria: In-situ particle environment monitoring: Operational needs and the state of the art

Bob Bentley: Solar Energetic Particles: Operational needs and L5

Mike Marsh: Pushing the Boundary of Solar Energetic Particle Science with an Operational Mission

Emilia Kilpua: L5 in-situ measurements: Potential improvements to future space weather forecasting and science

13 May 2015 - Day 3 PM

Mike Willis: Opportunities & Activities, a UK Space Agency

Gareth Lawrence: L5 Ground Segment Abstract

Phil Windred: The Airbus Experience from MEX, VEX, and Solar Orbiter

Doug Biesecker: Making an Operational Mission Happen

Dong-Hun Lee: Space Weather Activities at KSWC and What KWSC can offer an L5 Space-Weather Mission

14 May 2015 - Day 4

Mark Gibbs: Scene Setting Summary

Tom Berger: Operational Need Summary

Richard Harrison: Remote-Sensing Summary

Jonathan Eastwood: In-Situ Measurements Summary

Russell Howard: How do we make a mission happen? Summary

Mark Gibbs: Carrington going forward