An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Thomas Melvin

Areas of expertise

  • Vertical slice atmospheric model.

  • Numerical modelling and simulation.

  • Nonlinear dynamical systems and bifurcation theory.

  • Semi-implicit semi-Lagrangian models.

  • Nonlinear waves.

Publications by Thomas Melvin

Current activities

Thomas is a research scientist working on dynamics. Thomas is the code owner of the ENDGame vertical slice model of the UM dynamical core. Thomas develops and maintains the vertical slice model in order to test various formulations and discretization of the governing continuous equation set for atmospheric dynamics.

The current focus of Thomas' work is on investigating and implementing a new horizontal diffusion scheme to be used in the ENDGame and the New Dynamics dynamical core. A particular focus of this investigation is the interaction of diffusion with large-scale orography.

Thomas has recently been working on applying the ENDGame formulation to a standard set of test problems and the effect of coupling the vertical slice model to the SLICE conservation scheme.

Career background

Thomas has been a member of Dynamics Research since starting at the Met Office in 2008. Before joining the Met Office,  Thomas completed a PhD in discrete travelling solitary waves at the Bristol Centre for Applied Nonlinear Mathematics in the University of Bristol, where he also received his undergraduate degree in Engineering mathematics.