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Professor Simon Vosper

Office in 2001 as a research scientist. Prior to this he was based at the University of Leeds (including stints at the University of Surrey) as a postdoctoral research fellow, latterly funded by the NERC postdoctoral fellowship scheme. Simon completed a PhD on the behaviour of orographic internal gravity


Partners in science – a UK-Brazil exchange

mountains, sometimes obscured by rolling storm clouds. The aim of the visit was to evaluate the UK and Brazil climate models using a new suite of analysis tools developed by the University of Leeds. Working closely alongside my Brazilian hosts enabled us to share expertise, develop research ideas

UK Climate Resilience programme champions

August 2019 UKRI and Met Office are pleased to announce that Professor Suraje Dessai and Dr Kate Lonsdale, based at the University of Leeds, have been appointed to be the Champions for the UK Climate Resilience Programme.  As thought leaders for the programme, the Champions play a number of roles


WCSSP Southeast Asia

, University of Reading - Impact of ENSO on TC tracks/intensity and/or predictability (Waves and ENSO: Seasonal Teleconnections to Predict the Activity of Cyclones (WESTPAC)) University of Leeds - Behaviour of Mesoscale Convective Systems over SE Asia (Severe Precipitation in South East Asia (SPISEA

Dr Tom Howard

from the University of Leeds (1996) and a PhD (Atmospheric Boundary-Layer flow over Hills) from the University of Leeds (2001). From 2002 to 2005 Tom worked in the Nowcasting group at the Met Office, developing the short-range forecast of wind speed over hills. Educational videos Tom's educational

Dr Tim Andrews

, and how this influences global precipitation. Hopefully this might lead to improved predictions of regional precipitation changes. Career background Tim joined the Climate sensitivity and feedbacks group in Met Office Hadley Centre in 2010. Prior to that, Tim completed a PhD at the University of Leeds

Aviation Forecast Performance

and T+30). Reports are available as a PDF file. New reports are available on a monthly basis. TAF Verification Reports - Leeds Bradford Airport and north of Leeds Bradford Airport Verification Report - 9-hour TAFs (North) Verification Report - 24-hour TAFs (North) TAF Verification Reports - South

Dr Steven Turnock

metrics. Career background Steven recently joined the Met Office in January 2016 to work on aspects of air quality and climate. Prior to this Steven undertook his PhD at the University of Leeds, investigating the impact of changing anthropogenic emissions on European atmospheric aerosols and climate

United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols (UKCA) Model

, it began as a joint project between the Met Office and the Universities of Cambridge and Leeds. Since then, contributions to UKCA are also being provided by work at the Universities of Oxford, Reading, East Anglia and Lancaster. For further information on UKCA, see UKCA hosted by the University


and Leeds City Council. However, the group agreed that the information couldn’t provide robust estimates of changes in intense rainfall and wanted to understand how UKCP18 could. At the other extreme, although prolonged drought is a relatively infrequent hazard in Yorkshire, the consequences are costly

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