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United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols (UKCA) Model

, it began as a joint project between the Met Office and the Universities of Cambridge and Leeds. Since then, contributions to UKCA are also being provided by work at the Universities of Oxford, Reading, East Anglia and Lancaster. For further information on UKCA, see UKCA hosted by the University

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LEEDS CLIMATE CHANGE The Science Temperature – The high altitude of The Pennines to the west creates an environment that is frequently cool, dull and wet. The city centre is likely to experience warmer temperatures than the surrounding areas due to the urban heat island. Rainfall can be quite


and Leeds City Council. However, the group agreed that the information couldn’t provide robust estimates of changes in intense rainfall and wanted to understand how UKCP18 could. At the other extreme, although prolonged drought is a relatively infrequent hazard in Yorkshire, the consequences are costly

Met Office Academic Partnership

The Met Office Academic Partnership is a cluster of research excellence that brings together the Met Office and institutions who are among the leading UK Universities in weather and climate science (UCL, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, University of Oxford


Increased climate change risk to permafrost

A new international research study, including climate change experts from the University of Leeds, University of Exeter and the Met Office, reveals that permafrost is more sensitive to the effects of global warming than previously thought. The study, published today in Nature Climate Change


Work package 1

including air-sea coupled feedbacks improves forecast model performance for tropical cyclones.             Grant Award: University of Leeds - Tropical cyclone (TC) Predictions in SEA using Numerical Weather Prediction) (NWP).Evaluation of storm structure and the vorticity aggregation during TC formation

CSSP Brazil

to extremes– field experiments to support model development University of Leeds - Plot based analysis of ecosystem carbon cycling   CSSP Brazil research grants awarded – March/ April 2019 Following the publication of calls in September 2018, we are pleased to announce the following awards for new project work

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LEEDS CLIMATE CHANGE The Results Explained Main advances in UKCP: State-of-the-art global climate models Innovative regional climate models Up-to-date observational data Significant user engagement Locally relevant climate information to enhance resilience Our future climate is determined


Work Package 5: Climate Services

to bridge the gap between information developed by scientists and the practical needs of decision-makers in government, industry and society, resulting in useful climate knowledge and applications.  Current activities include: Grant award: University of Reading and University of Leeds. Scoping study

Storm Ewan

the UK. Ewan was felt more across southern parts of the Republic of Ireland. The storm only had yellow Met Office warnings for wind across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Reports of minor flooding due to wave overtopping and some travel delays at Leeds Bradford airport were seen due

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