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Dr Lizzie Good

are unreliable/unavailable. As part of this work, Lizzie is CASE supervisor for the PhD project 'Observing the daily cycle of Land Surface Temperature using geostationary and polar orbiting satellite instruments', which is based at the University of Leicester. Lizzie also has an interest in using

Dr Simon Good

and climate models outputs. Part of Simon's role was to use the data to determine how the heat content of the oceans has changed over time, and to understand the level of uncertainty in those heat content estimates. Prior to this, he studied for a PhD at the University of Leicester, the topic of which

Alan Hewitt

existing GLOMAP-mode aerosol code. Career Background Alan joined the Met Office in 2011 after completing a PhD at the University of Leicester "Investigating land-air carbon fluxes using a Lagrangian model and satellite retrieved carbon dioxide". Alan has previously worked on the merging of radar rainfall and gauge rainfall products.

Fiona Smith (née Hilton)

Areas of expertise Assimilation of satellite sounding data IASI Current activities Fiona's work aims to improve NWP performance through enhancing the use of satellite sounding observations in the Met Office UM. She is currently undertaking a PhD with the University of Leicester aimed at improving

Anette Van der Wal

for the external release of version 4.5. She joined the Met Office in 1992 and worked on Unified Model Diagnostics, in particular working on low tracking and atmospheric blocking. As an undergraduate, Anette studied Maths at the University of Leicester and also has an MSc in Operational Research from Southampton University.

Mark Canning

. In 2009, Mark graduated from University of Leicester with honours with a BSc in Physics and Astrophysics. He also holds a MSc degree in Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate from the University of Reading (2013). External recognition Mark is an accredited meteorologist (BIP-M) with the World Meteorological Organisation since 2014.

Climate Science for Service Partnership China

Facilities Council, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, University of Birmingham, University of East Anglia , University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter,  University of Leeds, University of Leicester, University of Oxford, University of Reading. UK institutes can find out about research calls

Dr George Pankiewicz

to the development of world leading seamless modelling system in a coordinated way.   Before joining the Met Office, George completed his PhD on numerical modelling of cometary dust at the University of Kent. Whilst at Leicester University, George's appetite for collaboration developed when he

Neil Kaye

in England and Wales following a climatic warming', this won the AGI student of the year award and is surprisingly relevant for the work he is doing now. Neil obtained an MSc in GIS at the University of Leicester which gave him the foundation of knowledge for his subsequent career.


and Archive team under an Open Government License (OGL) Recording sites Locations covered are: Belfast Exeter London (King’s College) Cardiff Invergowrie (East Scotland) Plymouth Chester Ipswich Worcester East Riding (Yorkshire) Isle of Wight York Eskdalemuir (South West Scotland) Leicester Please

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