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Energy trading and balancing

Predict energy demand and balance supply with accurate weather information

Consumer demand for energy can dramatically alter depending on changing weather conditions. We provide site-specific forecast data to help you anticipate these changes.

Our forecast tools, specifically designed to give quick and reliable advice, help energy traders and forecasting teams make decisions about weather impacted assets such as natural gas, electricity and oil.

Our services include:

BETTA forecast

Our BETTA site specific forecast and observations data feed can be integrated into your existing demand model to assist with energy forecasting for the electricity and gas markets. It delivers actual observations from sites across the UK and Europe and provides a 14-day forecast for a range of weather parameters.

Renewable energy production forecasts

Accurately forecasting power output from wind or solar farms can help you balance the supply of wind energy with other sources, avoid penalties for incorrect estimation and reduce the risk of having to buy energy from elsewhere. Incorporating our high quality wind and solar production forecasts into your models will optimise your power forecasts.

Wind Production Forecast Plus utilises site observations to further improve the accuracy of results and also provides you with an hourly nowcast.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) forecast

The CCGT Forecast Service enables operators to optimise power outputs to meet contractual demands and efficiently plan maintenance schedules by determining the best times to switch off the CCGTs.

Energy trading tool

Decider is a unique forecast tool specially designed for energy traders and forecasting teams. You can predict future trends and identify consequences by using Decider to quickly interpret the large amounts of probabilistic data provided by ensemble forecasting systems.

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