A series of Yellow National Severe Weather Warnings are currently in force.

Today, although some may experience bright and sunny conditions, showers and some thunderstorms will develop during the afternoon. Warnings are in place across parts of the south and southwest, eastern and central England, and parts of Northern Ireland.

Low pressure Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday, an area of low pressure will approach the UK from the east, bringing heavy and, in places, prolonged rainfall. The precise track of the low pressure will determine how far west across the UK the heavy rain will reach.

Chief Meteorologist, Andy Page, said: “The area of low pressure developing in the southern North Sea will push a band of heavy rain north and west across the UK.

“Areas exposed to the strengthening northerly winds are most likely to see the highest rainfall amounts, though exact details regarding the track of the low and thus where we might see the highest rainfall totals remains uncertain. Warnings are likely to be updated as more details emerge, and it is important therefore, that people to keep an eye on the forecast.”

It’s thought that many places could see 30-40 mm of rain, while a few areas may receive 60-80 mm. There is also a small chance that a few upland areas could see much higher totals, in the order of 150 mm.

Further ahead

Further ahead

We’re still likely to see some showers on Friday, especially in the north.

Later on Saturday, a front may move in from the Atlantic bringing a band of rain to Northern Ireland and western parts of Scotland. For many though, Saturday is likely to be a fair day, feeling warmer with temperatures slightly higher than average.

Conditions are likely to change on Sunday though, as we see a return to more unsettled and showery weather.

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