Public Weather Service

We are also responsible for the Severe weather warnings, which aims to give advance warning of extreme weather to the public, businesses, emergency services and Government.

The aims of the PWS are to:

  • Produce weather forecasts which help the UK public make informed decisions about day-to-day activities.
  • Warn people of extreme weather to mitigate its impacts - contributing to the protection of life, property and infrastructure.
  • Improve weather and climate predictions through research.
  • Fulfil international commitments on behalf of the UK Government.
  • Provide public access to historic weather information via our National Meteorological Archive and Climate summaries.


The Public Weather Service Customer Group is responsible for overseeing the PWS on behalf of the public, reporting to and advising the Minister of State for Universities and Science.


The PWSCG is mainly funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on behalf of Government. In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority pays towards the service to underpin its services for UK and global aviation. Some research and development projects receive additional funding from other sources, including the EU. The current total PWSCG funding is approximately £97.8 million p.a.

Public Weather Service outputs

The outputs listed in Public Weather Service Outputs are what is provided as part of the Met Office's public task.


The report into the Public Weather Service's value to the UK economy has been produced by PA Consulting Group on behalf of the PWS Customer Group.

How valuable is the Met Office?

Emergency responders

Focusing on the services available to UK emergency planners and responders and aims to:

  • explain the role of the Met Office in helping others prepare for, and respond to, emergencies;
  • describe the range of services available to emergency planners and responders;
  • provide guidance on interpreting the products.

To see the full range of services available to UK emergency planners and responders please download the Emergency Response brochure for your region.