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September 2019

The first few days of September saw a westerly type, with a succession of fronts bringing rainfall to much of the country. It then became rather quieter for a time, and some days were pleasantly warm, with particularly high temperatures around 19th-24th. Rainfall was below average up until the 20th, but after that a much more unsettled spell of weather set in, with 25-50 mm of rain within 24 hours reported at various stations on certain days. Thus by the end of the month the UK had easily exceeded its September average rainfall; it was also quite a sunny month, with some pleasant early-autumn days during the middle third of the month.

The provisional UK mean temperature was 13.1 °C, which is 0.5 °C above the 1981-2010 long-term average.  Mean maximum temperatures were about 1.0 °C above normal across the south-eastern half of England, but nearer normal for some other regions.  Mean minimum temperatures were about 0.5 °C above average in western areas, but closer to normal further east.  Rainfall was 127% of average, and most areas from southern Scotland southwards had a wet month, with below-normal rainfall totals confined to northern Scotland and parts of East Anglia and Kent.  Sunshine was 115% of average, and it was generally sunniest relative to average in England and Wales, with closer to average sunshine elsewhere.

The UK monthly extremes were as follows:  A maximum temperature of 27.7 °C was recorded at Weybourne (Norfolk) on the 22nd.  A minimum temperature of -1.6 °C was recorded at Aboyne (Aberdeenshire) on the 8th.  In the 24 hours ending at 0900 GMT on the 24th, 59.4 mm of rain fell at Fontmell Magna (Dorset). A wind gust of 61 knots (70 mph) was recorded at Baltasound (Shetland) on the 15th.

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