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Volcanic Ash Advisories

Volcanic ash information when you need it

Volcanic eruptions can have a serious impact on aviation. Plan for volcanic ash events and get the latest information with our range of ftp sites.

Concentrates of volcanic ash in the atmosphere can have a major impact on the engines of aircraft. There have been occasions when aircraft engines have failed because of volcanic ash. Ash can cause abrasive and/or corrosive damage to aircraft engines. As an official London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) we can provide you with data to help you manage the impact of volcanic activity on your schedules.

Historic Volcanic Ash Advisories

Between the 14 April and 24 May 2010, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted causing disruption to the aviation community.

As the official London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, we are able to provide the aviation industry with the official charts and advisories covering this period, to help plan for future events. This is provided via an ftp site.

Please note: This data comprises the official Volcanic Ash Advisories as produced and issued on the date marked on the data.

Access to active Volcanic Ash Advisories

For added convenience, we are able to offer all the official Volcanic Ash Advisories on an ongoing basis, via our ftp site. This gives the convenience of having all the data in one place, which can then be integrated with your internal systems.

Please note: This data comprises the official Volcanic Ash Advisories for operational purposes. The Met Office can not guarantee the delivery and content of advisories provided by other Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres.

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