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Eurotunnel chooses Met Office for rail weather solutions

Eurotunnel has chosen the Met Office to provide rail weather services for three years starting this November.

The Met Office will help Eurotunnel reduce weather related disruption on the network through wind alerts, overtopping forecasts and a winter weather warning service.

The overtopping forecast will be used to safeguard the public who visit the award-winning Samphire Hoe nature reserve in Kent, a new piece of land created by Eurotunnel during the construction of the Channel Tunnel. The forecast provides details of prevailing sea conditions (including wind, water level, swell direction, wave height and wave period) both near shore and inshore at sea defences, providing a warning of the risk of waves breaching those defences.

The winter weather warning services will allow Eurotunnel to safely manage commuter flows through their stations during adverse weather conditions. The key benefit of this service to Eurotunnel will be the ability to prepare ahead of adverse weather conditions. By having this service, the operational teams will be able to keep the 55,000 passengers1 who travel through the tunnel each day, on time and safe during their journey.

Kieran O'Regan, Real Time Systems Specialist at Eurotunnel, said: "We have worked with the Met Office for many years enabling us to build a good relationship. We find the Met Office competitive and professional, and hope to work with them for a long time."

Helen Kendall, Met Office Rail Account Manager, said: "We are thrilled to have won this contract with Eurotunnel Group, which is such a significant organisation within rail infrastructure and transport operations. The scientific expertise that underpins our services, combined with our flexibility and cost effectiveness helped us win it."

The Met Office provides a range of services to the Rail services in the UK, working closely with operating companies to minimise the effects of weather on the network. The Met Office's rail forecast services are designed to meet the range of needs that rail operators' have during the year. For instance, OpenRail provides detailed weather information within an interactive map showing the customer's railway lines and stations. The service enables users to make fast decisions to manage weather-related events which could affect the safety and punctuality of their services.

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