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The Great British Summer: how to make the most of it, whatever the weather

The Met Office, working with key partners, is pleased to launch its newest web pages called "Get Ready for the Great British Summer".

Great British Summer everyone can discover useful tips and information to make the most of the summer months, whatever the weather.

Developed with the help of a range of partners such as River Cottage, the RNLI, Cancer Research, the RYA and Visit Cornwall, the pages allow people to use our weather forecasts and warnings to help them plan their day in advance, and make the most of all that this country has to offer this summer.

Derrick Ryall, Head of Public Weather Service, said: "These pages are designed to provide useful information that helps the UK public make the most of the summer, whatever the weather. We can't change the weather but we can help everyone make the most of it through our accurate forecasts and advice from our partners around the country."

Malcolm Bell, Head of Visit Cornwall, said: "These web pages from the Met Office are a practical way to make the most out of our wonderful summers across the UK. Cornwall is one of the nation's favourite travel destinations and will keep surprising you with the vast offer of new, different and fun things to do."

The pages allow you to select the weather that matches the days forecast, from a sizzler to a drizzly day, and then chose the activity that suits your mood; whether you want to relax, be active, explore or entertain. You can choose from a wide range of unique information such as places to visit, fun articles through to top beach safety tips.

The site is also interactive so visitors can share their Great British Summer stories and photos via blogs, our Facebook, Twitter and other Social media.

We are an island nation with island weather and the Met Office forecasts as accurately as possible without bias. We can't change the weather but we can help the Great British public make the most of it by providing forecasts free of charge across a variety of apps and media.

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