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Heavy rain to replace dry, warm weather by the weekend

Met Office forecasters are predicting that the dry, fine, sunny and very warm weather we'll enjoy across parts of the UK today and tomorrow will be replaced by heavy rain come the weekend.

Temperatures of 28 °C are likely over London and the south east today with maximum temperatures on Thursday due to reach up to 30 °C. Friday and Saturday however show a downward turn with more unsettled, cooler and wetter conditions.

Heavy rain will slowly edge into north and west Scotland and Northern Ireland later today. Much of England and Wales will see rain on Friday, with further heavy rain likely in places over the weekend, especially Saturday.

Eddy Carroll, Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, said: "The majority of the UK will see dry warm weather today and tomorrow but we'll see a big change for the weekend. From Friday we will see widespread rain across many parts. The public are advised to keep up to date with our UK forecast and Severe weather warnings."

Along with potentially heavy downpours, on Friday we will also see a dramatic drop in temperatures for areas affected by the wetter and windier conditions. This will make it feel much cooler, especially in the north, north western and southwest parts of the UK.

The unsettled conditions are set to remain throughout the weekend and into early next week, although not everywhere will catch the heaviest of the rain. Some places may even see some bright and sunny spells, especially in the south and south east.

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