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Getting warmer this week with sunshine and more showers

With many outdoor events like Glastonbury Festival up and coming, will you need a sunhat or an umbrella?

At this time of year, with outdoor events up and down the country, everyone wants to know whether they'll need Will it rain today? or sunscreen, or both.

This week the weather will continue to be changeable with spells of warm sunshine alternating with cloudier, wetter spells and the risk of Summer showers and thunderstorms for some from mid-week.

After recent cool weather, temperatures are expected to recover along eastern coasts of England, as a plume of warm, humid weather spreads northwards from Europe across the south of the UK. This could lead to some warm weather on Wednesday and Thursday across the south and east with temperatures in the low, perhaps mid 20s Celsius, with some muggy nights. Northern and western parts, while fresher will see temperatures in the mid to high teens Celsius.

The combination of warmth and humidity could lead to some heavy showers or Thunder and lightning across some central, southern and eastern parts of the UK later on Wednesday, during Thursday and perhaps Friday. Southeastern parts of the UK are most likely to see these thundery downpours and a National Severe Weather Warning has been issued. Western parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland could also see some heavy, possibly thundery showers.

For the weekend, early signs suggest that for many, the weather will bring a combination of sunny spells and slow-moving, heavy showers which could be thundery. Although temperatures will be lower than previous days, in the spells of strong June sunshine it will still feel warm.

This means that anyone with outdoor weekend plans should be prepared for a mix of weather. For Glastonbury Festival, although the site may miss the worst of the rain over the next few days, showers are still possible, particularly over the weekend when they could be heavy and thundery. In the past week rain gauges in the area have reported over 60mm of rain so conditions underfoot are already wet. Find out more in our latest video forecast for Glastonbury Festival:

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