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Yellow Warning for snow for parts of the UK

Snow is likely across western Scotland and north and east England today and tomorrow.

A frontal system is moving across the UK from the Atlantic today bringing rain for many.  This rain will turn to snow in parts of Scotland, northern and eastern England as the front collides with a cold air mass currently over the country.

As this front moves eastwards snow is likely to settle on hills and mountains in western Scotland with up to 4-8cm expected. There is also a chance we could see some snow gathering in lower areas, with perhaps around 2-4cm of snow here.

As we head into tonight the snow is expected to peter out over Scotland with parts of the south Pennines then being affected. There could be up to 15 cms in areas above 300m, however heavier bursts could bring snow down to low levels and there is also the potential for 5-10 cm of snow to settle in parts of Yorkshire and the northeast Midlands in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Eddy Carroll said: “This is the first proper snow of season across the north of the country.

“As the frontal system moves from west to east and temperatures drop overnight there is a chance that this snowfall could affect areas as far south as the north Midlands over lower ground. However, as is usual in many snow situations, there is a good deal of uncertainty about the extent and of how much snow will settle.

“We advise everyone to stay up to date with the latest Met Office forecasts and warnings on our app and website, and plan ahead for the expected weather before it arrives”

There is the potential for difficult driving conditions in some areas and the RAC is advising motorists to take additional care, RAC spokesman Pete Williams said; “We are urging drivers to take extra care in snow, to reduce their speed and try to avoid braking sharply if they are aware of patchy ice.

“Before setting out make sure you have cleared your windscreen fully and it would be wise to check your washer levels and top-up with screen wash effective at least at -10°C. You should check your tyre tread and pressures and check your oil and coolant levels.

“The first frosts are also a warning of potential vehicle faults and the RAC is expecting to see a surge in callouts for battery issues and electrical problems. A sudden drop in temperature will often be the final blow for an exhausted battery.”

Elsewhere areas further south and west will have some heavy rain from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday with some stronger winds likely.

By the latter part of the week conditions are likely to change across the UK, moving to a wet and windier pattern with temperatures climbing closer to the average for this time of year.  

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