Dr Chris Sloan

Areas of expertise

  • Evaluating new instruments
  • Improving capability of existing instruments
  • Reducing cost of instrument ownership
  • Increasing reliability of measurements
  • 4th-line support to operations

Current activities

Solving problems arising as part of the MMS rollout.

Comparison of existing Met Office observing systems with replacement MMS.

Investigation into the measurement of Wind speed by different historical Met Office observing systems.

Evaluation of the performance of different instruments to measure humidity.

Career background

Chris has worked in the Surface Sensing team since joining the Met Office in 2007. Prior to this he worked for eight years in Applied Research at BAE Systems. There Chris worked on a low-cost micromachined silicon gyroscope for automotive and commercial applications.

Chris has a PhD entitled 'Dynamic Behaviour Of Short-Stroke Electromagnetic Actuators' from the University of Leeds and a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Warwick.