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Dr Emily Wallace (Hamilton)

Emily manages the Renewables Applications team

Emily leads a team of consultants delivering weather and climate services to the energy industry.

Current activities

Emily manages the Energy Consultancy team which develops and delivers products and services to help our customers manage the impact of weather and climate on their energy interests.

The team works on developing a range of services in this sector which include long-range forecasting, extreme value and event analyses and hazard forecasts.

Through these tools and others the team is uniquely placed to offer consultancy to solve a wide variety of questions arising in the energy industry, including those related to energy production, grid management and infrastructure design.

Emily also manages a programme of scientific research and technical developments, utilising the Met Office's world-leading scientific capability, to increase the efficiency of the production process, improve accuracy and provide the best quality service to our customers.

Career background

Emily Wallace has a strong background in mathematics and statistics, with a BSc in Mathematics and PhD in the statistical estimation of extremes.

After joining the Met Office she specialised in long-range forecasting, spending several years as a scientist where she led research projects culminating in publishing peer reviewed papers and she also delivered training.

As a Scientific Consultant she led the application of this science. Projects included: a study modelling clients' global climate exposure, provision of authoritative advice on the effect of El Niño, and the development of the first energy-focussed long-range forecast prototypes.

More recently she has been focussing on energy, including renewable energy production, grid management and infrastructure design, and currently manages the Energy Consultancy team.

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