Dr Niall Robinson

Current Activities

Niall helps lead a multidisciplinary research team, the Informatics Lab, which comprises scientists, technologists and designers. This group creates experimental prototypes which let people use Met Office data (be they public, customer, or even our own scientists) . Projects so far have spanned big data processing, virtual reality data visualisation, and natural language interfaces to data. Currently he is working on how, in the future, we might let people digest the hundreds of terabytes produced each day by the Met Office super-computer.

Career background

Niall joined the Informatics Lab at its inception in 2015, after working for three years in the Met Office Hadley Centre for Climate Research. Prior to that he completed his PhD in atmospheric aerosol composition at the University of Manchester Centre for Atmospheric Science. For his thesis Niall researched the physical and chemical processes of atmospheric aerosol in the Borneo rainforest. This work shed light on the effect deforestation has on regional atmospheric aerosol, and therefore on climate forcing. He also worked at Manchester as a post-doctoral research associate investigating the use of machine learning techniques for measuring classifying bio-aerosols such as bacteria and pollen.

In addition, Niall is an active STEM ambassador, and presenter of the Met Office Mostly Weather Podcast.

Publications by Niall