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Colin Morice

Colin graduated with a degree in Acoustics from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton in 2005 and completed an MSc in Oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton in 2006. In 2010 he completed a PhD in statistical sensor fusion

Maiden Voyage Titanic 10 April 1912

Wednesday 10 April 1912 (RMS Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage) UK weather chart for 07:00 UTC on 10 April 1912 Brief summary of the weather for Southampton Southampton had a dry night with clear spells, the morning dawned fine with some good spells of sunshine. Similar conditions, dry

Dr Matt Palmer

science. Matt and his team have strong collaborative links with UK researchers (Universities of Reading, Oxford, and National Oceanography Centre, Southampton) and also the wider research community through international working groups (CLIVAR GSOP, CONCEPT-HEAT, IQuOD). Career background Before joining

Dr Freya Garry

students to study STEM subjects.  Career background Freya started studying the climate whilst doing an integrated Master of Oceanography degree at the University of Southampton, completing the course with first class honours and graduating with the top grade of the year in 2013. Freya received

Dr Chris Atkinson

climate. Career background Chris graduated with a degree in Earth Science from Oxford University in 2004. He then went on to study an MSc in Oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton which he completed in 2006. In 2011 Chris completed a PhD at the National Oceanography Centre

Dr Simon J. Keogh

with Astrophysics from the University of Leeds and then a PhD at the University of Southampton (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), in the use of marine radiometers for the correction of satellite sea surface temperatures. Simon began his Met Office career in 1999 after joining the Observations

Dr Michael Sharpe

Office Michael completed a PhD in Industrial Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton, this included the numerical modelling of super-cooled liquids using a phase-field approach. Michael also studied mathematics as an undergraduate, again at the University of Southampton, during which he received two outstanding achievement awards and a national award from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Dr Patrick Hyder

, and as a consultant for several commercial companies, including FUGRO GEOS.  He has a BSc in Physics with Oceanography (University of Southampton, 1988), an MSc in Physical Oceanography (University of Wales, Bangor, 1992) and PhD in Physical Oceanography (University of Wales, Bangor, 1997).   Pat has a broad


. Which areas are GAMETs provided for? GAMET South East: area to the east of Southampton-Oxford-Northampton-The Wash GAMET South West: area to the east of Southampton-Oxford-Leamington Spa-Llanbedr GAMET Central: north of area covered by South East and South West areas up to a line from Carlisle

Dr Clare O'Neill

a nested suite of ocean-ecosystem models and a website that displayed results to users. Clare completed her PhD in ocean modelling, at Plymouth University, in 2008. She set up a POLCOMS model of the Rockall Bank region and used this to investigate formation and cascading of dense water. Clare has a BSc in Oceanography with Maths from the University of Southampton.

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