Hazard Manager Help Centre

General guides

There are two general user guides that will provide you with an understanding of how to access the latest weather and forecast information, plus utilize the mapping features.

Hazard Manager user guide - Using the map and accessing the weather layers

Hazard Manager user guide - Making use of the weather layers

Weather Warnings

This user guide shows you how to view the details of weather warnings on Hazard Manager.

Hazard Manager user guide - Weather warnings

National Severe Weather Warning Impact Matrix

The video below uses a case study to explain the warnings matrix which shows the likelihood and impact of a weather event and how it is important to not just use the warning colour alone as an indication of potential impact.

Flood Forecasting

Flood Guidance Statements

Flood Forecasting Centre - Flood Guidance Statement User Guide

Scottish Flood Forecasting Service - Your guide to using the Flood Guidance Statement

Training materials from the Environment Agency and Flood Forecasting Centre

Environment Agency Flood Warning Codes User Guide

Glossary for 'talking the same language'

Links to further information

Making better decisions with the Flood Guidance Statement (elearning)

Poster of weather and flood products

Quick guide for Operational Managers

Quick guide for Strategic Managers

Quick guide for Tactical Managers

Environment Agency - Severe Flood Warning poster

Environment Agency - Severe Flood Warning quick guide for Strategic Managers

Environment Agency - Severe Flood Warning training exercise hand out sheet

Daily Hazard Assessment

NHP Daily Hazard Assessment User Guide