Latest weather forecast 

Here is the latest Met Office weather forecast for the UK, just type in a place name in the forecast search bar at the top of the page and get a detailed, site specific 7 day forecast or scroll down the page for a 30 day regional forecast.

Check out the weather map for weather information such as temperature, rainfall and wind gusts as well as UV and pollen levels. You can also find surface pressure charts which will show you high and low pressure patterns.

See the up to date presented forecast on YouTube

If you are a media outlet you can recieve a twice daily syndicated email containing up to date forecast information for publication. Contact [email protected]  

Social media 

The Met Office continually posts up to date weather and climate information across a range of social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Past weather & weather data 

There is a lot of historic weather and climate information on our website including:

UK weather extremes

UK monthly weather summaries

UK regions - climate

Data sets

Maps and graphs

Upcoming major events 

Check out the weather for upcoming major events.


The Met Office Hadley Centre is one of the UK's foremost climate change research centres. We continuously research and monitor our changing climate, expanding the observations from past and current climate conditions and improve the projections of future global and regional climate on a range of timescales. Find out more here: 

Climate impacts

Climate, Cryosphere and Oceans

Storm naming & severe weather warnings 

Met Office and Met Éireann, along with new partner KNMI, jointly run the 'Name our storms' scheme, aimed at raising awareness of severe weather before it hits. More information can be found here: 

Storm naming

Warnings information


If you need more information do not hesitate to contact the Press Office on [email protected] or 0330 135 0005.