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Wintry weather triggers amber warnings

Amber Severe Weather Warnings for snow and ice, highlighting the risk of freezing rain, for parts of central and northern England, as well as much of Scotland on Saturday. People are being urged to take extra care when travelling on one of the busiest weekends in the lead up to Christmas.

Snow on the way this weekend

With the first heavy snowfall of the season forecast for parts of the country this weekend, the Met Office warns people to prepare for possible travel disruption on one of the busiest weekends in the lead-up to Christmas.

Centennial recognition for 'Memories of Weather'

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has officially designated six Met Office observing sites across the UK as ‘Centennial Stations’. They join a global network of sites that have been recognised by the WMO for recording reliable observations for over 100 years.

Cold gives way to rain and gales

This week will see a marked change from the recent cold conditions as wet and windy weather sets in from the west.

Are you #WeatherReady?

Two thirds of British people have been caught out by severe weather, according to latest research from the Met Office, despite 9 in 10 believing that preparing for winter weather is important.

Winter is in the air

So far this month, temperatures across the country have been mild for the time of year, but from next week - it’s going to feel a lot more seasonal.

Metop-C satellite launch gives Met Office another set of 'eyes in the sky'

Today’s launch of the newest EUMETSAT weather satellite continues the development of a programme which gives the UK’s Met Office access to world-leading weather data from polar orbit. The Metop-C satellite was launched from the European Space Port in Kourou, French Guiana. It completes a network of three platforms flying in a polar orbit at an altitude of 817km, which enables global observations of weather and atmospheric composition, and monitoring of ocean and land surfaces.

Extreme weather reveals changing climate

A new report by the Met Office, published today, reveals further details about changes in the UK’s climate since the 1960s. By documenting temperature and rainfall climate extremes, including periods of warmth, cold and spells of wet or dry weather, the report reveals changes in some types of extreme weather.

Pride of Britain award for Meteorologist

This summer, Met Office meteorologist Josh Bratchley was part of a team of specialist divers involved in the rescue of 13 young people trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Turning cold for the weekend

In a marked change from the mild weather many of us have been experiencing so far this autumn, conditions are turning much colder as we head into the weekend.

Amber warning for rain

The Met Office has issued an Amber Weather Warning for rain for much of South Wales for Friday and Saturday

Storm Callum

The third storm of the 18/19 season has been named.

Storm Bronagh

The second named storm of the season.

Stormy weather continues

A number of national severe weather warnings have been issued this week as a series of low pressure systems bring a combination of wind and rain across the UK.

Storm Ali sweeps in

Storm Ali, will bring very strong winds to Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and parts of north Wales on Wednesday 19 September.

Autumn has arrived!

Many parts of the UK are in for a wet and windy week, with a number of low pressure systems crossing the Atlantic bringing unsettled weather, particularly to the north and west of the country.

Will Tropical Storm Helene affect the UK?

Tropical Storm Helene, which is currently in the mid-Atlantic, is expected to track towards the UK over the next few days bringing a spell of windy weather to many of us at the start of next week.

Was summer 2018 the hottest on record?

Update: Having further assessed the temperature data for the UK as a whole for summer 2018 the figures are so close that we are declaring it as the joint hottest on record together with 2006, 2003 and 1976.

The Great Escape

Up to 11 million British families are planning a last-minute getaway this bank holiday weekend.

Cooler and fresher this August Bank Holiday

After a warm and humid start to the week, it will turn fresher and noticeably cooler as we head towards the Bank Holiday weekend, with some showers or rain at times, but some dry and sunny weather too.

Fresher weather on the way for all

This week sees an end to the current spell of hot weather in the southeast as cooler, fresher conditions already in place over some areas, spreads across all parts of the country from tomorrow.

Learn About Weather

Have you ever wanted to learn a bit more about the weather? Would you like a better understanding of the forecast information that you see on TV or online?

Early end of July statistics

Although the weather story this month has been the prolonged heatwave provisional temperature data tell us this July is only the third warmest on record.

State of the UK Climate 2017

The Met Office’s 4th annual State of the UK Climate report, released today, confirms 2017 was the 5th warmest year in a record dating back to 1910.

Thunderstorms then a windy weekend

Thunderstorms in places today mark the end to the heatwave and herald a more changeable weekend, with a wet and windy Sunday for many.

Heatwave breaks with thunderstorms

Very hot conditions will continue across central, eastern and southeastern parts of the England until the end of the week, but the heat will trigger intense thunderstorms in some areas.

The Met Office charting the future for global aviation meteorology

Air traffic is continually increasing and air navigation requirements are constantly evolving. Safety is of paramount importance as our skies become increasingly congested therefore demand for services such as national and regional weather forecasts are rising in parallel.

The heatwave continues..

Hot weather remains in the forecast for much of the UK. Although temperatures won’t be quite as hot as last week, they will continue to remain well above average and it will remain largely dry.

Record breaking June

June was a warm and dry month for most of us and for some it was record-breaking, with many seeing their warmest and driest June on record.

Heatwave continues into July

High pressure will continue to bring hot, dry and sunny weather to the vast majority of the UK as we head into July.

Scientists research fury of Maritime Continent’s weather

One of the world’s greatest meteorological challenges is gaining a better scientific understanding of the so-called Maritime Continent – an evocative name for the region between the Indian and Pacific Oceans in south-east Asia.

High temperatures continue

High pressure is continuing to bring warm, dry and sunny weather to the vast majority of the UK, with temperatures having reached at least 30 Celsius in all four nations over the last few days.

There's a heatwave on the way

High pressure currently centred to the west of Ireland will bring plenty of fine, sunny and warm weather to the UK this weekend.  However as we move into the start of next week, we’ll see temperatures rise even further.

Storm Hector sees an end to settled weather

A deep low-pressure system will bring very strong winds and spells of rain to northern parts of the UK tomorrow, marking an end to the dry and settled weather seen across these parts over the past few weeks.

Research to help hay fever and asthma sufferers

The medical and research community continually look to improve their understanding of pollen and to then disseminate their learnings to the public via the media and patient organisations. The aim is to help sufferers understand their symptoms, avoid exposure and manage medication where appropriate.

Helping Heathrow

The Met Office is continuing to assist with the smooth running of Heathrow Airport after signing a new 7-year contract to provide on-site meteorologists and bespoke forecasts for the airfield.

Continued risk of thunderstorms

The risk of thunderstorms and torrential rain will continue over the next few days but there will also be sunny spells at times across the country.

Thunderstorms and sunshine

It's staying warm with sunny spells for large areas over the next few days: however, many of us will continue to see thunderstorms with torrential rain, lightning and hail.

Bank holiday: warmest day of the year?

With many places already seeing temperatures in the low twenties Celsius this week, it will continue to warm up across much of the UK in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Bank Holiday heat gives way to showers

The early May Bank Holiday will be very warm and sunny for many before a change to fresher conditions and the chance of showers arrives for the rest of the week.

Are we in for a record-breaking Bank Holiday weekend?

The changeable weather of the last week or so is being pushed northwards as an area of high pressure has moved in from the southwest. This is bringing a good deal of fine and dry weather for many for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Highs and lows for April

You may think April has been a cold month, but for much of the UK it's been much warmer than average.

Wet and windy end to April

As we reach the last day of April, many of us in southeastern areas of England are faced with strong to gale force winds and persistent heavy rainfall.

Mixed picture for Easter

Following the two recent spells of extreme cold weather there has been speculation that a cold and snowy Easter is on its way.

Snow for Easter?

Increasingly unsettled conditions are expected to develop later on Monday and into Tuesday as a frontal system arrives from the west bringing a spell of heavy rain and the potential for strong winds to many parts.

The last of the snow for now

Strong, bitterly cold, easterly winds will continue for many through the rest of today and into tonight

Cold winds and snow

Cold weather and snow affecting much of the UK as daytime temperatures struggle to get more than a couple of degrees above freezing .

Return of snow for the weekend

There’s a temporary return to much colder weather and snow over the weekend with daytime temperatures struggling to get more than a couple of degrees above freezing – with a few places remaining below – and widespread overnight frosts; severe and penetrating for some areas.

Cold weather for the weekend

After a relatively mild, if wet, week for many, there's a return to much colder weather in the east today and elsewhere through the coming weekend.

Temporary return to colder weather

After a relatively mild, if wet, week for many, there is a return to much colder weather in the north east from Friday and elsewhere through the coming weekend.

Bitterly cold with snow

Staying bitterly cold with severe weather warnings for widespread snow at times for many areas this week.

Amber warnings for snow

This week will be another very cold week across the UK, and snowy at times in many areas.

Bitterly cold with widespread snow

This week looks like being the coldest period we have had in the UK for a number of years. Almost anywhere is at risk of seeing snow as it becomes increasingly bitterly cold.

How cold will next week get?

After a mostly dry and settled second half to the week across the country, it will gradually become colder in the south with bitterly cold, but still dry weather, expected to develop across the south east during the weekend.

Cold conditions likely with risk of snow

There is increasing confidence that the recent Sudden Stratospheric Warming above the North Pole could lead to prolonged cold conditions over the UK, increasing the risk of easterly wind and significant snow.


'Baltic', 'sad' and 'chucking it down', the Met Office considers targetted weather updates with regional slang to avoid misinterpretation.

An improved picture for weather radar

A multi-million pound state–of-the-art upgrade of the UK’s rainfall radar network has been completed, and for the first time the size and shape of raindrops and snowflakes can now be captured together with wind speed data.

Snow for many parts of the UK

As cold air takes hold across the UK, many parts will see at least a little snow through the week.

North/south split in January stats

Provisional statistics for January 2018 show it was slightly sunnier and colder than average in the north, but a somewhat different story for the south.

Five-year forecast indicates further warming

A new forecast published by scientists at the Met Office indicates the annual global average temperature is likely to exceed 1 °C and could reach 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels during the next five years (2018-2022).

Further snow for some this weekend

As we head into the weekend parts of the UK are once again expecting freezing conditions and snow and a number of National Severe Weather Warnings are in place.

2017: warmest year on record without El Niño

Provisional figures for global average near-surface temperatures confirm that last year, 2017, was the warmest year on record without the influence of warming from El Niño.

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