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June 2001

The averaging period used for the following assessment was 1961-1990.

UK overview

A cool and dull month over Northern Ireland and Scotland, whilst England and Wales were warmer than normal and rather sunny. Although it was a generally dry month over England and Wales, heavy thundery rainfall over the south-west on the 5th produced two inches of rainfall at Newquay.

Eskdalemuir received just 66% of their normal sunshine. Barbourne, near Worcester, recorded a high of 32.6 °C on the 26th.

England and Wales diary of highlights

A dry sunny month especially in the south. Wet in north-east England and north-east East Anglia. A cool first half with some thunderstorms followed by a wet thundery spell mid month. A heatwave during the last week ended with an outbreak of scattered thunderstorms.

1st to 4th After some outbreaks of rain or showers on the 1st and 2nd a dry two days followed with good sunny periods, although it was often on the cool side.

5th to 10th With low pressure close by to the north or north-east a rather unsettled rather wet period ensued. On the 5th heavy thunderstorms in the West Country gave two inches of rain at Newquay (Cornwall). After some scattered showers on the 6th, heavy thundery rain affected a number of places particularly in the north and east coast counties down to the Wash. Temperatures were in the cool category, though with good sunny periods especially in the south. Funnel clouds were seen off the Cornish coast and near Shoreham (West Sussex) on the 8th. Redhill (Surrey) recorded -1.8 °C early on the 9th a near record for the south-east region.

11th to 13th Rather cool, mostly cloudy few days and generally dry, apart from some isolated light showers.

14th to 16th A mainly cool, very wet spell occurred as a depression in the south-west approaches took up residence over southern England. Rain and showers often heavy and thundery broke out in many places.

17th to 20th After showers cleared from the east coast, a drier regime prevailed, but with some patchy rain in the north. The south became very warm with good sunny periods and Herne Bay reached 27 °C on the 20th.

21st to 26th Virtually dry as high pressure sat close by giving long sunny periods in most parts. During the 24th to the 26th it became hot in many areas especially the south. Thundery rain affected north Wales early on the 26th and north-east England later that day, as falling pressure heralded an end to the heatwave. Some thunderstorms also touched East Sussex and Kent in the evening. At Barbourne near Worcester a high of 32.6 °C was reached that day, the highest for the UK so far this year.

27th to 30th After some thunderstorms moved away from east coast counties and East Anglia early on the 27th, a relatively cooler, fresher and more changeable weather pattern became established. Sunny spells alternated with occasional outbreaks of rain or showers, some of these were thundery over the Midlands and Eastern England later on the 29th..

Scotland diary of highlights

Rather cool and unsettled.

Changeable and rather cool conditions prevailed throughout the first 11 days of July. Winds blew mainly from the north-west and days of sunny periods and scattered showers alternated with more cloudy spells of weather with mostly light rain.

High pressure advanced from the west to give more settled conditions from the 12th to 14th, but there were large amounts of cloud.

rom the 15th to the 18th a depression moved east across the south of England, with a band of rain pushing north across Scotland before retreating south again. A following ridge gave fair weather in the west on the 17th and east on the 18th.

A depression near Iceland caused a potent warm sector to cross Scotland on the 19th, with wet weather, especially in the west where Lusa on Skye recorded 56 mm of rain.

High pressure then moved north-east across the country and gave more settled conditions from the 21st to 25th. There was a gradual transition from cool and clear to warm and humid conditions. The best day was the 22nd, which was clear and sunny in many places.

On the 26th and 27th a low moved north across Scotland, bringing cloud, high humidity and outbreaks of thundery rain.

The last three days of the month saw a return to a changeable south-westerly regime with an alternation between bands of rain and bright and showery conditions.

Northern Ireland diary of highlights

This was another cool and dull June month, which fits the pattern of the last 10 to 15 years across Northern Ireland.

1st to 9th Cool north-westerly winds dominated with a more persistent wet spell from the 5th to 9th, although rainfall amounts during this period were not significant.

10th to 13th Cool, dull and largely dry.

14th to 19th More unsettled with conditions particularly cool and dull on the 15th and 16th.

20th to 24th Largely dry and bright.

25th to 31st Turning increasingly unsettled, but warmer and very humid with heavy showers and thunderstorms recorded on the 26th and 29th.

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