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The uncertainty of weather poses a real operational challenge to every sector of industry - downtime and lost productivity, impact on supply and demand, the effect on consumer behaviour, transport networks, and event cancellations, to name a few.

Weather sensitivities can also be amplified by a company’s business model, its location or the occurrence of severe weather events.

Natural and extreme weather caused around $160 billion worth of damage in 2018, worldwide, a figure that is likely to increase in 2019.
Global supply chain disruptions caused by weather doubled in 2017.
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Our operational meteorologists are industry sector specialists

We champion excellence in business meteorology. Our experience as the National Weather Service and our world-class science span many sectors of industry: aviation, offshore and marine, sports and leisure events, infrastructure, construction, energy and renewables, water, surface transport (road and rail), retail, agriculture, mining, media, defence, legal and insurance.

Our operational meteorologists don’t just forecast the weather, they have industry expertise. They help UK-based organisations make better, earlier business decisions wherever they operate in the world, by:

  • Briefing operational teams remotely
  • Assisting with the planning and preparation for weather events
  • Working onsite in the UK and abroad. For example, they:
    • sit in airport, airline and air traffic operations centres, feeding real-time weather information to operational teams and airline pilots.
    • stay onboard offshore rigs and support vessels for the duration of a project, staff air transport, lifts and tows and underwater repairs, based on tailored weather thresholds like wave swell, wind speed and lightning risks.
    • attend sport competitions and festivals for the duration of the events, briefing referees, ground maintenance crews, competitors, health and safety teams and broadcasters.
  • Helping develop their in-house meteorological capability

Meet some of our operational meteorologists

Ric Robins Alex Fox James Shapland

Ric Robins
Head of Business Meteorology

Alex Fox
Customer service & delivery manager
Energy, Infrastructure, Events

James Shapland
Transport Operations manager

Tony Wisson Luke Norris John Griffiths

Tony Wisson
Sr. operational meteorologist
Industry, Infrastructure, Marine

Luke Norris
Sr. operational meteorologist
Offshore energy, Aviation, Road, Infrastructure

John Griffiths
Operational meteorologist
Road transport, Energy, Infrastructure, Retail

Kate Brown Emma Corrigan Lawrence Howard

Kate Brown
Operational meteorologist
Retail, Events, Energy

Emma Corrigan
NATS Operations manager

Lawrence Howard
Operational meteorologist
Energy, Infrastructure