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Autumn 2017

The following represents an assessment of the weather experienced across the UK during Autumn 2017 and how it compares with the 1981 to 2010 average.

This autumn overall was rather unsettled, although most areas had a rather dry and mild October, with rainfall below average for November too in some areas.  It was generally cooler than average for most of September, though it warmed up at the end of the month, and then October was mostly warmer than average, particularly around 14th to 16th, but turned colder at the very end.  November was slightly colder than average, mainly due to a cold final week.  September was a wet month in most areas, but October and November were drier months particularly for southern parts of the UK.  Autumn sunshine totals were below average for many places, although most areas had a relatively sunny November.

September 2017 saw temperatures close to average in most areas, with Scotland slightly warmer and some southern areas slightly cooler than average, and the UK monthly mean temperature was 0.1 °C below the long-term average.  October was warmer than average in all areas, particularly so for minimum temperatures.  The first widespread frosts of the autumn came at the end of the month; however the month as a whole saw mean temperatures 1.8 °C above average, making it the equal-9th warmest October in a series since 1910.  November was slightly colder than average generally, by 0.4 °C for the UK as a whole.

September was generally wetter than average, with regular spells of rain throughout the month, and only the far south-east and the far north-west came out slightly drier than average.  Overall the UK had 122% of average rainfall.  October was a drier month, with less than half the average rainfall over central and south-eastern areas of England, though a few upland areas on the western side of the UK did exceed their monthly average.  The UK overall had 81% of average rainfall in October.  November was slightly drier than average for most central and south-eastern areas, but wetter in parts of the north and west, giving 89% of average overall.

Most areas were somewhat duller than average during September, especially Wales and western counties of England.  October was duller than average as well, most especially in western coastal areas; Northern Ireland had its second dullest October in a series since 1929.  November was sunnier than average in all except some western areas.  Sunshine totals for the UK overall were 87% of average in September, 79% of average in October, and 124% of average in November.

UK statistical summary
Mean temperature Rainfall Sunshine
The mean value is 9.9 °C, which is 0.4 °C above the 1981-2010 average. The total is 329 mm, which is 95% of the 1981-2010 average.

The total is 253 hours, which is 92% of the 1981-2010 average.

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