Northern Ireland weather

Northern Ireland weather forecast


Patchy rain at first Wednesday. Then sunny spells and showers.

This Evening and Tonight:

Scattered heavy showers and any thunderstorms dying out this evening. Some clear spells through the rest of the night, albeit with some light rain or showers possible too. Minimum temperature 11 °C.


Cloud and patchy rain soon clearing through the morning. Sunny spells through the rest of the day with a few showers at times. Maximum temperature 18 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Apart from a few light showers early Thursday it will be a more settled spell with some sunny spells.


UK long range weather forecast

Early in June, conditions are likely to be more settled due to the influence of high pressure extending east over the country. A few showers could still develop in places but for most it will be a dry at the start of the period with plenty of sunshine. Feeling warm generally though cooler near the coast where onshore breezes develop. This fair weather is likely to continue for a few days into the following week, but thereafter the outlook becomes more uncertain. The south of the UK will probably be drier, although not ruling out scattered showers at times. Cooler and cloudier further northwest, where rain is more likely. Temperatures will probably be around normal or a little above average.


Current indications are that the chances of high pressure or low pressure dominating are fairly balanced for this period. There is no strong signal for either dry or wet conditions being the more prominent feature of the weather. On balance, it is probable that a continuation of variable, slow moving weather patterns are likely through much of June, similar to that which has been experienced through May. However, with potentially slow moving weather systems there is still a chance that longer-lived drier, or even wetter, spells are entirely possible too. Temperatures are most likely to be around or above normal.


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