Playing my part in shaping the future of the planet

1. Why did you join the Met Office?

During my career I’ve always sought out roles where I can help to make a difference. As we learn to live with climate change, I believe we can all part to play in ensuring that our planet thrives for future generations. I was attracted to the Met Office, because of its purpose to help people make better decisions to live and work safely and productively. There are also great perks, such as the pension plan and annual leave provision, that aren’t available with some other organisations. 

2. What do you do?

As a Lead Technical Architect, my role is to be an expert voice representing technology and its possibilities within a wider team of other talented people working in data, user design and products. Together we ensure crucial Met Office data is made available for our customers to make decisions that affect their daily lives.  

I research and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to drive innovation in new technologies. Using a variety of web, app and cloud technologies, as well as artificial intelligence, I help to ensure we stay relevant, accurate and cost-effective. 

3. How do you find working in tech with the Met Office? 

It’s a fantastic place to work and grow your career, with a well-defined corporate strategy and values that are embedded into our ways of working. My colleagues and I use our skills and experience to help deliver weather services and climate science for our customers. As part of the Government Digital and Data profession, I have clear objectives and understand how my role contributes towards delivering the Met Office purpose and to the wider civil service.  

I’m based at our HQ in Exeter where we have fantastic facilities including a restaurant, coffee shop, convenience store, gym and even a hairdresser.  

4. Why would you recommend working in tech with the Met Office?

While working in technology, I’ve found the Met Office to be a people-focused organisation. That means we are trusted to deliver our roles and there’s plenty of support available from peers, managers and others across the civil service to help us succeed. The learning and development opportunities are excellent, and there’s plenty of possibilities to do something new within our team and beyond.  

And crucially, by working with the Met Office, I know I’m helping to make people’s lives in the UK and overseas a little bit better.  

This article was published in February 2024

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