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Heavy rainfall - East UK 20/21 October 2001

19/20 October 20

Synoptic situation

A slow moving front over the east of the UK on Sunday 21 October 2001 as shown on the following synoptic chart, was responsible for bringing heavy rain to the eastern side of the UK.


Rainfall map

The contoured map below, consists of the data which was available from the real time network on 22 October 2001.


Rainfall amounts

The following rainfall information is based on data available from our real time network on 22 October 2001. Looking back at our available records for our 3 sites in Cambridge, this is the highest ever total of rainfall reported in a single 24 hour period since records began in 1900.

Rainfall Station Duration of rainfall on 21 October 2001 Rainfall Amount (mm) Return Period (years)
Cambridge, Guildhall 18 hours -
02:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT
90.4 140
Herne Bay, Kent 4 hours -
03:00 GMT to 07:00 GMT
39.8 16
Andrewsfield, Essex 18 hours -
02:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT
53.0 14
Monks Wood, Cambridgeshire 16 hours -
04:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT
52.8 10

Radar imagery

A loop of the hourly radar composites for the period from 00:00 GMT on 21 October 2001 to 00:00GMT on 22 October 2001.


Please note: The empirical relationship between radar reflectivity and rainfall rate is fixed whereas in reality this is highly dependent on precipitation type and is very different for rain and hail.

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