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Learn about the weather

Find out more about weather phenomena including clouds, rain and snow.

The weather affects us all, from the simple act of raising an umbrella to an aeroplane changing its course to avoid a thunderstorm. Weather has always been elemental to the course of human history.

The earth's atmosphere exhibits an extraordinary variety of weather phenomena. On a local level, we may feel a gust of wind that lasts just a few seconds. On a global scale, the circulations of huge tropical Hadley cells determine whole regional climates and weather systems. The world's weather is perpetually on the move, pushed and shaped by air currents in the atmosphere. Our personal experience of weather from day to day is a tiny sample of this global weather system.

In this section of the website we hope to help you learn about the weather finding out out the answer to common questions such as: Why does it snow? How do clouds form? Why does it rain? Find out more about various weather phenomena from the links below:

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