Showcase application submission criteria

Central Office of Information Guidance

To help ensure we choose the right case studies the following is based on the Central Office of Information guidelines; to develop clear criteria against which the appropriateness of a case study can be judged.

Criteria for assessment

  • Relevance of DataPoint for the specific case study
  • Its demographic relevance and synergy with the audience
  • Its ethics (e.g. child labour)
  • Its financial record, for example is the developer viable or currently under investigation by such as the Competition Commission, HMRC or Charity Commission)
  • Its relationship with the department leading the campaign, e.g. is it involved in any significant commercial negotiations with any government department?
  • Could there be any justifiable cause for complaint - from either the public or the media if the case study goes ahead?

Appropriateness of applications

Applications that will generally support and enhance our brand

  • Government/public sector: NHS, PWS related, etc.
  • Organisations associated with excellence in science & technology: Apple, IBM, Dell, Sony, Bose, etc.
  • Brands associated with being 'green': Toyota Prius, Ecover, etc.
  • Sustainable travel brands: thetrainline; rail companies, Eurostar, ferries; UK tourism
  • Charities (excluding apps which carry lobbying messages)
  • Leisure brands: Walking, cycling, skiing, sailing, surfing, climbing, etc.
  • Cultural brands: Theatres, concerts, films, books, etc.
  • Insurance companies
  • Media: BBC, Broadsheets, BBC magazines, current affairs magazines, specialist interest magazines (Coast, Good Food)

Showcase submission form