Climate Change Risk Assessment Independent Assessment (CCRA4-IA) Technical Report

The Technical Report provides the full analysis for 61 climate change risks and opportunities for the UK. It is a vital component of the CCRA4 risk assessment published by the Climate Change Committee, which is a statutory requirement of the Climate Change Act (2008). 

We’re proud to be leading the consortium to produce the new assessment. This includes experts from the Met Office Academic Partnership, the UK National Climate Science Partnership, the private sector and the third sector to provide the most useful assessment of UK climate risks.

The “Call for Evidence” is an important part of the CCRA4-IA Technical Report methodology. We’re keen to access knowledge from a broad range of stakeholders. In addition to academic papers, we are also keen to tap into other relevant information eg. a PhD or Master’s thesis, conference proceedings, project reports, webinars, internal presentations or reports, blogs, etc.

Submit your evidence. Evidence can be submitted until 30 June 2025. The process should take less than ten minutes to complete.