A panoramic view of the Antarctic coastline and sea with sea ice on the surface.

Glasgow Climate Pact

A package of decisions, in addition to other agreements made by some Parties during the COP26 conference, was agreed by the Parties at the close of the conference. Find out more about COP conferences here.

The Glasgow Climate Pact “recognizes the importance of the best available science for effective climate action and policymaking” and goes on to detail some of the key decisions. View our infographics below for some of the main points and read the full Pact on the UNFCCC website

Mitigation - Nationally Determined Contributions

Global mean temps graph

Graph annotations

4°C - expected warming by 2100 in high emissions scenario

1.7°C - expected warming by 2050 in high emissions scenario

1.5°C - target limit

1.4°C - expected warming by 2100 if net zero by 2070

1.3°C - expected warming by 2050 if net zero by 2070

1.1°C - current level of warming

Mitigation - fossil fuels

Fossil fuels


Adaptation - climate finance

Adaptation graphic

In addition, a range of other agreements were made during COP26, key details of which are included in the infographic below.

COP26 agreements infographic