Home improvements

The latest UK Climate Projections (UKCP18) indicate that the UK can expect hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters in the future as a result of our changing climate. This means it could be harder to regulate house temperatures across the seasons. 

As well as better regulated temperatures year-round, a more energy efficient home can save households money. Under a government-backed pilot, homeowners who make their properties more energy efficient could see their mortgage rate cut, potentially saving them more than £460 a year on bills. 

Use some of the tips below to save energy and make your home more resilient to the effects of climate change. 

Get a smart meter and track energy use through an app 

  • Smart meters put consumers in control of their energy use, allowing them to adopt energy efficiency measures that can help save money on energy bills and offset price increases. This can help you save money while lowering energy usage in the home. Get in touch with your energy supplier – they can arrange for smart meters to be installed.  

Use large appliances at a lower temperature 

  • Most modern washing machines can now wash clothes effectively at a lower temperature. According to UK Government advice, washing at 30 degrees could noticeably lower your energy usage. 

Turn down radiators in empty rooms 

Hand adjusting a radiator valve

Switch off appliances at the socket

  • Most electrical appliances in our homes are constantly drawing power, even when they are not being used and including when a red standby light is showing on a device such as television or computer. To save electricity, turn off appliances at the switch or unplug them entirely when not in use – the Energy Saving Trust suggests you could save around £35 per year.  

Insulate your home 

  • Home insulation can keep your home warmer in the winter by keeping heat from escaping. 

  • Insulating your home not only keeps you warm but will also help to keep your energy costs down. The UK Government announced the new Great British Insulation Scheme in 2023, which will help around 300,000 households across the country with the cost of installing new home insulation. 

  • You can find out more about heating and insulating your home, along with the importance for your health, on our ‘Keeping your home warm this winter’ advice page. The Energy Saving Trust provides details of expected savings. 

See if a heat pump would be suitable for your home

  • A heat pump may be a suitable choice of central heating for your home, depending on a number of factors such as when your house was built, how many bedrooms it has and if it has insulation. Find out if a heat pump would be a good option for your house by using the Government’s online tool.