East of England regional forecast

East of England weather forecast


Mostly dry. Some bright or sunny skies on Sunday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Staying generally dry overnight with clear spells, however, it will tend to cloud over across the northwest later. A patchy frost developing where skies stay clear, perhaps with some fog patches as well. Minimum temperature -1 °C.


A cold but bright start in the south and staying fine here. A cloudier start across the northwest, with perhaps some patchy rain arriving here late in the day. Maximum temperature 8 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Breezy on Monday with showers near the north coast, fine elsewhere with a frost overnight. Tuesday and Wednesday should be mostly dry with some sunshine, turning breezy on Wednesday.


UK long range weather forecast

The unsettled weather is set to carry on into next week, as weather systems continue to push in across the UK, bringing a risk of rain and showers for many. It will turn milder than as of late, but it may feel cooler in some stronger winds that accompany any spells of rain. The west and northwest will likely see the best of any drier and more settled weather conditions. There is an above average risk of overnight fog forming in any clearer spells overnight, which could be slow to clear in places. The showers may continue to be wintry over the highest ground bringing some sleet or snow at times. Temperatures are expected to be around average or perhaps slightly milder for the time of year.


A transition to more settled weather seems most likely for at least the southern half of the UK. Although periods of rain are possible here, they will probably be considerably patchier and less frequent than the west and northwest where spells of wind and rain interspersed with showers will predominate. Showers may turn wintry over high ground. Frost and freezing fog, which may be slow to clear, is most likely overnight under clear skies in the east and south. Temperatures are expected to be around average, or just above, for the time of year.


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