North West England weather

North West England weather forecast


A cool night before another warm day on Sunday.

This Evening and Tonight:

There will be plenty of late evening sunshine to end Saturday before another dry night with plenty of long clear spells for many areas. Feeling chilly again with a risk of rural grass frost. Minimum temperature 4 °C.


After a cool start it will be another warm and dry day with long lived strong sunshine for all areas and light winds. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Plenty of strong sunshine but some cloud bubbling up at times to bring a low risk of showers on Tuesday and Wednesday over high ground. Warm days, albeit cool overnight.


UK long range weather forecast

The start of the period will most likely be generally dry and sunny across the UK. However, cloudy with an odd spot of rain in the far north. Clouds should return from the North Sea overnight and move into central and eastern areas and burns away towards the coast each morning. A slim chance of an isolated shower each day in Scotland, Northern Ireland and some higher grounds. Winds expected to be generally light in the North and a little stronger towards the South especially along the English Channel. Temperatures are expected to be warmer than average but chillier towards the eastern coast. Later in the period, there is a low risk of some thundery rain or showers in the south.


High pressure is likely to become less dominant with time, especially in the south with low pressure likely to approach from the near Continent. Northern areas may hang on to the largely dry conditions, but southern areas will see an increased risk of occasional heavy rain or thunderstorms from time to time. Any changes will be slow though, and there will still be plenty of dry and warm, sunny weather between any rain or thunderstorms, with temperatures widely above average, perhaps significantly so.


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