Wales weather

Wales weather forecast


Showers easing tonight, sunny spells on Tuesday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Showers gradually easing this evening and becoming largely dry overnight, although the odd one or two showers still possible through the early hours. Staying fairly windy, and temperatures dropping into the low single figures. Minimum temperature 5 °C.


A generally drier day with sunny spells, though the odd shower still possible. Another breezy day though winds much lighter than Monday. Feeling fresher than of late. Maximum temperature 13 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Staying mostly dry for the rest of the week though cloudy at times with some showers possible. Temperatures around the seasonal average and a noticeably fresher feel with northwesterly winds.


UK long range weather forecast

Over the weekend and into the new week a build of high pressure will likely occur, meaning more in the way of dry and calm weather across the UK as a whole. Cloud cover is rather uncertain, as some cloudy and clear regions are expected, with the chance of frost and fog where the clearer conditions are to be found overnight. A few light showers or some light rain will still be possible at times, this will be more likely to affect peripheral regions of the country. Temperatures will overall be close to average, probably quite a muted daily cycle in cloudier areas. However, in clearer areas, some chilly nights are likely, but conversely it will feel fairly mild in any sunshine during the daytime.


Around the turn of the month high pressure will probably remain close to the UK, with a good deal of dry and calm weather continuing for many areas. Into early May, these settled conditions will probably move northwards, with the driest weather perhaps across the northwest of the UK. If any more unsettled conditions develop these are more likely to affect south with a risk of some heavy rain or showers. Temperatures will probably be close to average overall, with warm days but some cooler nights.


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