Climate, climate change and careers

We’ve provided an “Introduction to the Met Office” video to get the students engaged and excited for their learning over the next few weeks. You might want to show this video in your own time before you start Virtual Science Camp 2021

Click the icon to download the leader pack for Sessions 7-10


Leaders pack (PDF)

Climate, climate change and careers sessions:

Session 7 - What is climate?

This session introduces the concept of climate and climate change. The difference between weather and climate are discussed.  The components of the Earth’s climate system are then explored. Finally, we begin to investigate how this climate system is undergoing change as a result of human actions as we explore modern-day climate change.  


  • To understand the difference between weather and climate  
  • Examine the components of the Earth’s climate system  
  • To understand the science basis to climate change, including the greenhouse gas effect 
  • To look at how climate change might affect weather across the world


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Climate Location Matching game/ Climate Location Matching grids/climate location matching instructions (Zip folder includes PDF and PowerPoint)



Climate location matching grids (PDF)


Can you match the climate conditions to the location?

We’ve given you instructions and the answers on the PowerPoint that you can download and there’s also a PDF of the worksheets.

Session 8 - What is Climate Change?

In this session we’ll be looking more closely at the impacts of climate change on the UK and globally though examining possible future climate change scenarios. We’ll then discuss how we can we reduce the effects and impacts of climate change with little changes in our daily routines that we can all take part in. 


  • To understand the impacts of climate change both in the UK and globally.  
  • To understand that there are multiple possible 'futures' for climate change.  
  • To understand how we may reduce the effects and impacts of future climate change


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Exploring climate impacts quiz (PDF)


Cut out cards prior to lesson. Ask children to match the cards to create sets

2050 heatwave PowerPoint for forecasting activity (Zip folder includes the PowePoint and the PDF if you wish to print it out)


Paper/pens etc. for poster making 

Session 9 - Our future workforce

In this session you will delve into what it’s like to work at the Met Office. What jobs do we have available and how do they link with each other to keep people safe and thrive?  


  • There are a range of skills that we nurture and develop as an organisation. 
  • Students recognise that great minds don’t think alike. 
  • Roles at the Met Office all interlink, we need a range of skills to keep people safe. 


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Skills cards (PDF)