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Extreme weather mind map

This activity will enable pupils to learn about extreme weather events, the locations where they occur and the emotional and environmental impacts they can have.  In groups, young people will be tasked with creating a mind map to organise all their different ideas and feelings about a specific extreme weather event.

Mitigating extreme weather risks

In this activity, young people will learn about how to prepare for extreme weather risks.  Each group will be tasked with imagining they work for a local weather office and have to make a poster to help people understand what to do to prepare for a specific extreme weather event and reduce its impacts.

P4C activities

The Philosophy for Children (P4C) inspired activities present young people with a stimulus – or ‘curiosity catalyst’ in the form of a short video, an image, an article and/or a drawing. These activities will prompt your group to think of 'big questions' about weather and climate and develop their critical and independent thinking, while nurturing open-mindedness, questioning and curiosity.


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