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Exploring the evolution of weather symbols

In this activity, groups will explore different weather symbols and how they have evolved over the years. In groups, young people will be asked to design their own weather symbols, then think about how weather symbols can be improved.  

Designing a weather app

This activity will encourage young people to design their own weather app to show future weather and its impacts in the year 2030. They will explore the different data visualisation techniques and think about how to present weather data.

Weather data cards

In this activity, young people will learn about weather data. They will use a range of data cards to understand how different types of weather might influence people’s lives in different locations.

P4C activities

The Philosophy for Children (P4C) inspired activities present young people with a stimulus – or ‘curiosity catalyst’ in the form of a short video, an image, an article and/or a drawing. These activities will prompt your group to think of 'big questions' about weather and climate and develop their critical and independent thinking, while nurturing open-mindedness, questioning and curiosity.


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