Exploring extreme weather - lesson plan

This lesson ignites pupils’ interest in the world  around them by looking at examples of extreme weather and the impact of these events.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Define extreme weather and identify past extreme weather events
  • Understand the causes of extreme weather events and the impact these can have
  • Think, respond and reflect creatively with regard to different sources and stimuli

Curriculum links:

  • English literacy and language – written and verbal communication
  • Sciences/science and technology – prediction and evidence
  • Geography/social studies/the world around us – observation, data collection and communicating data, prediction, global distribution of tropical storms, protection and planning
  • Art and design/expressive arts – design, communication

Time required: 70 minutes for all activities (or less if individual tasks are selected)

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Thank you to the World Meteorological Organization for contributing footage to this film.

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  Exploring extreme weather lesson plan



  Exploring extreme weather classroom presentation



  Extreme weather and climate change briefing note



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  Extreme weather and climate change briefing note (currently only available in English)