Australia holiday weather

The northern areas of Australia largely experience an equatorial climate typically seeing hot and wet weather throughout the year.

Its east coast is typically sees a warm temperate climate meaning rain throughout the year, but mostly focused in the summer months of December, January and February. Winters are typically mild with very occasional cold spells.

South-east Australia sees a split of temperate climates with a warm temperate climate in the northern half surrounding Adelaide, and a cold temperate climate in the south around Melbourne.

This means areas surrounding Adelaide tend to see mild and wet winters with warm and occasionally very hot summers with very little rainfall.

In contrast the cold temperate climate around Melbourne sees rain spread more evenly throughout the year and a smaller range of temperatures between winter and summer.

Much of the interior and west of Australia is dominated by dry climates with hot desert climates and tropical steppe giving rise to the famous Australian Outback and Bush.

The very central areas see a hot desert with very little rain at any time in the year and very high temperatures throughout the year.  Surrounding this central desert, the tropical steppe climate sees a short season of unreliable rainfall and slightly and hot but slightly lower temperatures.