New Zealand holiday weather

New Zealand climate

Broadly speaking the climate of New Zealand is split across its largest north and south islands. The North Island sees a warm temperate climate with mild winters which occasionally turn very cold and summers which see subtropical weather.  The city of Auckland lies towards the north of the Island and shows a typical example of the climate:

As you travel further south in New Zealand, temperatures decrease and much of the South Island sees a cold temperate climate with rain fairly consistent throughout the year, though usually at its lowest during the winter months (January - March). Temperatures tend to hang in the low-tens during winter and the low-twenties during summer.

New Zealand does see snow throughout the months of June to October with most of this falling in mountainous regions such as the North Island's Central Plateau and the South Island's Southern Alps.  Areas of the South Island's interior can be very cold in the depths of winter reaching temperatures as low as -10 °C, but in generally, owing to the country's vast coastline, most  of the country experiences relatively mild temperatures.