Santorini weather

Santorini weather averages and climate information

This idyllic Greek Island offers long, hot, dry summers; but being surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, temperatures are kept bearable for both sunbathing and sightseeing.

Data from Milos weather station.

Average daily max (°C)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
13.3 13.6 16.1 19.5 24.0 28.4 30.6 30.4 27.3 23.0 18.7 14.7 21.6

Average relative humidity (%)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
71 70 67 63 58 53 52 56 62 68 72 72


Average rainfall (mm)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
85 59 35 15 11 3 0 1 8 34 59 72 64

Average daily sunshine (hrs)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
4 5 7 8 11 13 13 12 10 7 5 3 8

Average wind speed (mph)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
15.5 15.8 14.1 12.7 10.8 11.7 13.8 13.9 11.7 13.0 12.9 15.0 13.5


When is the best time to visit Santorini?

Santorini experiences its hottest temperatures and driest weather during the peak of the Summer holiday season in June, July and August. During the winter months, the island becomes much quieter; and although temperatures are cooler than during the summer, they are still relatively mild compared to the UK at this time of year.


Average temperatures increase through March, April and May, with only 16.1 Celsius as a daily high in March, but 24.0 Celsius in May. This is a great time of year to visit the island if you are looking for hot and sunny weather, but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the peak summer months. The amount of rainfall is low, especially in May with only 11mm on average over the whole month.


The peak summer season sees the hottest, sunniest and driest weather, with average daily temperatures peaking at 30.6 Celsius in July. There is very little rainfall or cloud to spoil the clear blue sky and astounding views.


The summer warmth lingers into September, and this is the best month to visit in the autumn if you are looking for the hot and sunny weather. Daily average temperatures are 27.3 Celsius, although there is a steep drop off through October and November, with 18.7 Celsius the average for November – still much warmer than the UK at this time of year. 


During the winter, Santorini still sees balmy temperatures with average highs of 14.7 Celsius in December. There are still dry and sunny periods of weather to explore the distinctive picturesque settlements, although there is more cloud, rain and wind than in the other months of the year.

Santorini tourist information

Popular for romantic getaways, Santorini is famous for its idyllic sunsets, with the majestic clifftop towns making for a remarkable foreground to the spellbinding colours. By day, the crisp white buildings of the towns make for a charming contrast to both the deep blue waters of the Aegean and the sapphire skies. The beaches offer a rugged and interesting coastline, with a mix of colours in the rock. For family holidays, or those who enjoy a more active trip, there are several historic castles and archaeological sites, exhilarating water sports, and lush green valleys for hiking. This stunning island is also known for its delectable Mediterranean cuisine, traditional products and fine wines from its very own vineyards.