Top 5 tips to survive a festival, whatever the weather

As a regular festivalgoer I know that being exposed to the cold, wet or heat for any length of time can dampen spirits. Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to British weather – however here are a few essentials tips that pretty much cover most conditions, come rain or shine. 

1. Know the forecast 

Tent, sleeping bag, torch, water – CHECK. There are staples that every festival goer will bring – but being festival savvy starts with the weather forecast. Download the Met Office app and peruse the forecast before you pack. Will you need lashings of sun cream or a mean pair of galoshes – or you could hedge your bets and take both?   

The art of staying dry? Timing is everything - the Met Office App has a nifty option to view imminent rain and showers.  

2. Be pitch perfect 

Get to the festival in good time to secure a decent pitch. Shade is essential when it’s hot; take note of where the sun will rise and look for a shady spot next to trees; a relaxing morning lie-in may depend on this. Also note wind direction. Face your tent into the breeze, this will air your small space nicely through the day. Be strategic, if the forecast suggests rain, camping on higher ground may mean your tent won’t end up being part of a temporary lake at the bottom of the hill. Most importantly once you have pitched up, clock your landmarks or create your own flag, this could save hours later locating your tent.  

3. Pack like a pro 

Once you know what to expect from the weather, you can decide if you need your wayfarers or your wellies. It can cool down quickly at night, so pack an extra layer and make sure you have a waterproof bag to store your clothes just in case a sudden downpour morphs into a monsoon. Whether it’s rain or shine an umbrella is genius for both. My staple is always a waterproof poncho – staves off rain and a nagging wind.  

4. Stay powered up 

Your Met Office weather app will prepare you for any meteorological eventuality – but make sure you keep the battery topped up. Extra power packs could be the difference between dodging showers and knowing what time the sun rises for that first dash to the toilets in the morning (when they have just been cleaned). 

5. Practice Safe Sun 

There’s nothing better than enjoying a drink in the sun, but when the temperature rises and there’s no shade, dehydration can scupper the rest of the day’s fun. During Glastonbury 2010, temperatures reached the high 20’s, medical staff reported over 2000 people needing treatment during Saturday evening alone; the vast majority of the cases were heat-related.  To maximise your sunny festival experience practice safe sun – drink water, wear a hat and slap on some sunscreen….