About WeatherReady

WeatherReady is run in partnership with Cabinet Office and provides tips and guidance on simple actions people can take to reduce the impact of severe weather on their lives.

Members of the public visiting the Met Office website for the latest weather forecast can also access up-to-date, expert seasonal advice from carefully selected organisations to help them prepare for and respond to the weather, to stay safe and protect their homes and businesses.

How can I get involved with WeatherReady?

You can help spread the message of weather preparedness by sharing our advice through your social media channels, website, or at any groups you may be part of. We use the following hashtags for social media:

  • WeatherReady advice and features content will use the #WeatherReady hashtag.
  • Severe weather warning content will use the #WeatherAware hashtag.

We have a range of materials available for partners, communities and resilience practicioners to use including a poster of top tips for summer/winter preparedness. You can download these materials to print or share on your digital channels. 

Weather Ready partners

We work with the following organisations to help create seasonal advice content and to reach the public with advice for preparing for severe weather.

The Scottish Government's 'Ready Scotland' campaign

The Ready Scotland campaign encourages individuals, families, communities and businesses to think about what they can do to prepare for unexpected events, all year round. You can do this by keeping informed, being ready at home, on the road and at work; and  thinking of others in your community. The campaign is co-ordinated by the Scottish Government. Visit readyscotland.org for information on how taking a little time to prepare now can save you a lot of trouble later.

Northern Ireland's information from NI Direct

NI Direct Government Services provides winter help and advice for Northern Ireland each year.

Welsh Government advice

The Welsh Government publishes winter weather advice each year. Alongside tips on how to keep warm and well, it also tells you how to keep up to date with the latest flooding advice, school and local services information, and travel news for Wales. There’s also guidance on how to plan for severe weather which is available in English and Welsh.