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Keeping infants cool in hot weather

Young babies in particular are unable to regulate their body temperature so it's important to ensure they don't overheat. Here are a few things you can do to help keep baby cool.

Experts in safe sleep, The Gro Company, give their tips for keeping your little ones cool.

1. Keep rooms cool

Try to keep bedrooms cool by closing curtains in the daytime to block strong sunshine and prevent it from warming the room. Monitor the temperature with a room thermometer so that you can make sure you are dressing your baby appropriately for the heat.

2. Open the windows

Keep windows open to help circulate air. If you have a fan put that in bedrooms to help create some breeze.

3. Stay hydrated

Make sure that little ones have plenty of drinks throughout the day. If getting them to take more drinks isn't easy try ice pops which will hydrate and cool down at the same time and snack on fruit and veg like cucumber sticks cool from the fridge.

4. A cool bath time

A lukewarm bath will help cool babies and little ones before bed to help make them more comfortable so they fall asleep more easily.

5. Grab some shade

Don't worry if it seems a shame not to sit in the sun. Young skin is very delicate and can burn easily so seek out shade where you can. Always try and get them to wear a sunhat and use sunglasses if you can.Baby in a sun hat

6. Take a dip

Either a swim or just playing in a paddling pool or washing up bowl is not just great fun but will be refreshing and cooling. Be careful to make sure that you regularly apply sun cream if outside and never leave a baby unattended in or near water.toddler cools off in a paddling pool

7. Put teddy in the freezer

Try putting comforters in the freezer to chill before bedtime or have cold flannels ready to help cool baby down.

8. Dress for the temperature

Baby in a Grobag

Thin layers of lightweight fabric in natural fibres will be best to keep little ones cool. At night, baby sleep bags such as Grobags come in a variety of tog ratings to suit the weather including 0.5 tog ratings in 100% cotton for temperatures of 24-27°C.