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Where is hot in February?

Escape the winter blues and head to somewhere warm and sunny in February with our list of destinations.

10. Cairo

The capital city of Egypt and located on the Nile, Cairo has a desert climate making daytime temperatures warm and nights cool.

Unlike other climates, there two distinct seasons in Cairo, a long hot summer and a mild winter. In spite of being part of Egypt's winter, February in Cairo is still relatively warm seeing average daily maximums of 20.5 °C making it a much more pleasant location for those wishing to avoid the intense heat of the summer months.

As ever, rainfall in Cairo in February is very low, totalling only 3mm across the whole of the month.


Average daily max (°C)

Cairo 7 day forecast

9. Orlando

In spite of the winter season, February is still relatively warm in Orlando thanks to a powerful Atlantic Ocean current which causes warmer waters to be brought from the tropics and the sub-tropical climate.

February is typically characterised by rising daily temperatures as the month progresses with average daily maximums reaching 23.1 °C. However average minimum temperatures can fall to around 10 °C.

Chances of rain do increase in February with the average total rainfall increasing from the previous month to 77 mm. This rainfall does tend to occur in short bursts, so remember to head out with an umbrella so you don't get caught out.


Average daily max (°C)

Orlando 7 day forecast

8. Auckland

Situated on New Zealand's North Island, Auckland is the largest and most populous urban area in the country and sees a relatively stable warm temperature all year round.

February is in Auckland's summer season and is the hottest month of the year with average daily maximums reaching 24.2 °C. Its one of the year's driest months but you can still expect to see an average rainfall of 71 mm.


Average daily max (°C)

Auckland 7 day forecast

7. Melbourne

February sits in Melbourne's summer peak tourist season so expect a busy city.

Temperatures of 26.7 °C can be enjoyed on one of Melbourne's many beaches; however the sea breeze can make it feel markedly cooler. Rainfall is low in February, as it is for much of the year in Melbourne with an average of 46 mm.

February is also the best month to make the most of the water sports on offer in Melbourne with the average sea temperature reaching a comfortable 18 °C.


Average daily max (°C)

Melbourne 7 day forecast

6. Cape Town

The Mediterranean climate of Cape Town means that summers are warm and mild. February sits in Cape Town's summer season and is the hottest month of the year. Temperatures reach an average daily maximum of 27.3°C whilst only 10 mm of rainfall falls in short and sharp showers over the month.

Temperatures can feel markedly cooler as night falls, dropping to the mid-teens.

Cape Town

Average daily max (°C)

Cape Town 7 day forecast

5. Dominican Republic

The tropical climate of the Dominican Republic means that February is perfect for someone seeking a beach holiday full of sunshine and hot weather.

Average daily maximums peak at 28.9 °C whilst rainfall is at its lowest of the year at around 36 mm.

Dominican Republic

Average daily max (°C)

Dominican Republic 7 day forecast

4. Barbados

February in Barbados brings warm temperatures, hours of sunshine and little rain.

Part of the dry season, rainfall averages around 42 mm across the whole month - the lowest figure of the year. If it does rain during your stay, it will fall in short storms that quickly give way to clear skies.

Average daily maximums reach 29.2 °C whilst the sun shines for around eight or nine hours a day, making it a perfect winter sun destination.


Average daily max (°C)

Barbados 7 day forecast

3. Singapore

The tropical rainforest climate in Singapore means hot and humid weather and a high volume of rainfall year-round. The latitudinal position of Singapore means that it sits almost directly on the equator causing little variance in seasons.

February is no exception; expect average daily maximum temperatures of around 31.6 °C and average rainfall of 108 mm. You can also expect strong winds during this month.


Average daily max (°C) 


Singapore 7 day forecast

2. Cancun

The beautiful beaches and luxury resorts of Cancun can be enjoyed in full in the blissful average daily maximums of 32.3 °C in February.

Part of Cancun's dry season, February sees the relatively low average rainfall of 28 mm.


Average daily max (°C)

Cancun 7 day forecast

1. Phuket

Home to some of Thailand's most popular beaches combined with continual warm weather means that Phuket is a favoured tourist and holiday destination year-round.

February sits at the end of the dry season and the average rainfall is 30mm, making it the driest month of the year. From here, rainfall will steadily increase. Little variation in temperature across the year means that February is also a warm month with average daily maximums reaching 33.1°C.

Make the most of the warm sea temperature this month, reaching a warm 29°C.


Average daily max (°C)

Phuket 7 day forecast

Where is hot in February:

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in February are:

  1. Phuket (33.1 °C)
  2. Cancun (32.3 °C)
  3. Singapore (31.6  °C)
  4. Barbados (29.2 °C)
  5. Dominican Republic (28.9 °C)
  6. Cape Town (27.3  °C)
  7. Melbourne (26.7 °C)
  8. Auckland (24.2 °C)
  9. Orlando (23.1 °C)
  10. Cairo (20.5 °C)

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